iAdherence Jobs

iAdherence Inc., is the next generation medicine management application that is the gold standard in helping people take their medications. This is a startup company getting ready to expand across the USA and Canada.  iAdherence is medication management made easy.   Setup your management schedule in seconds then users and caregivers can receive reminders, alerts and notifications instantly. Son or daughter can transmit remote control to their mother and father helping to setup medication management anywhere at anytime. Once setup, iAdherence will automatically update all of your medications information weekly from the FDA site. Also, iAdherence has a social media tiered feature that lets the user communicate with their pharmacist, doctor, caregiver, relatives and friends. You can set the level of communication importance on the iAdherence “My Village” function. The iAdherence app can be used in Phase 3 and Phase 4 Medicine Clinical trial studies improving the way participants take their medicine. Therefore, making these studies more useful, effective generating statistically significant evidence.

List of Opportunities