On-Demand Licensing Negotiation Executive

Virtual Organization Management Institute is the world’s leading and only 100% virtual global educational institute, think tank, professional association, certification and accreditation provider, and conference producer strictly focused on the modern virtual organization management discipline founded and pioneered by its founder since 1997.

“A Virtual Organization is an organization which strictly uses all of the following: a virtual workspace, a virtual workforce, and virtual organization management best practices, policies and procedures for operating in a 100% virtual environment.”
by Prof. Pierre Coupet of Virtual Organization Management Institute

VOMI offers to large enterprises of over 50,000 employees – Forbes Global 2000 companies and equivalent – an annual license ($1.5 MM – $15 MM) to offer our Virtual Organization Leadership Executive Training, Assessment and Certification solution to their executives who currently have an urgent need for such solution. VOMI also offers Virtual Organization Case Studies to organizations plagued with virtual and virtual organization challenges. In addition, VOMI seeks through our various consortia to build a significant number of virtual organization projects as well as participate in joint ventures with industry, governments and academia around the globe.

Your Mission Impossible (should you wish to accept it): Seeking On-Demand Licensing Negotiation Executives :: working on an On-Demand Independent Contractor basis :: in your specific country :: in order to negotiate VOMI licensing terms as well as project and joint venture agreements with local clients and governments.


Someone who is ready, willing and able to Stand Up and Walk Away from the Monkey See, Monkey Do Crowd.

Supreme Licensing Negotiator – Deal Maker. Highly knowledgeable in all facets of licensing Intellectual Property assets. First-hand experience in joint venture formation is a plus. A minimum of 10 years. Executive Presence. Sound business judgment. Must have experience dealing with Forbes Global 2000 key decision-makers or equivalent (otherwise you’ll be wasting your time). Fully equipped to function in a 100% virtual organization environment. Fluency in English required, additional language proficiency (e.g., French, Chinese, etc.) is a plus.

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